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About Nihon Plus You

Nihon Plus You (日本+YOU) is a Tokyo-based research center helping Japan’s native-born and immigrant populations work together for their mutual benefit, and for a vibrant, secure, and prosperous Japan.

We engage in various activities that help make this integration between the Japanese and foreign residents a reality. Our core projects involve research and publication of resources that assist foreign residents, long-term citizens, business leaders, and politicians in making informed decisions about Japan’s future and the role of immigrants in that future. We also work to bring these various groups together to better understand how they can support each other and work together for Japan.

How Nihon Plus You Helps

Nihon Plus You engages in various activities that help make this integration between the Japanese and foreign residents a reality.

  • Communication. We produce materials that help foreign-born residents navigate their rights and responsibilities in Japan, and that touch on issues of cultural and social awareness.

  • Discovery. We bring clarity to immigrant concerns through primary research, interactions with long-term foreign residents, and dialog with domestic and international experts.

  • Collaboration. We interact with community and business groups to promote the benefits of joining with immigrants and their talents.

  • Advocacy. We work with policy leaders to establish the optimal legal and regulatory framework for immigrant affairs, removing unnecessary barriers and enabling this community to be a net benefit for Japan.


Nihon Plus You is still in the development phase, and we are working to provide an initial set of resources and solutions. At this time, please enjoy the articles that appear regularly on this web site, or keep reading below to discover how you can join us in meeting our goals.

How You Can Help

Whether you are a foreign resident who just arrived in Japan, a citizen who grew up here, or someone living overseas with a passion for seeing Japan succeed, we need you! Here are some ways you can help.

  • Volunteer! If you are excited about supporting the immigrant community, we could really use your help. From translation to advocacy, if you live in Japan, you probably already have what it takes to support Japan’s newest arrivals.

  • Write for us! If you have something to say about Japan or its foreign population, send us a proposal. At this time, we are only publishing content on the Nihon Plus You web site, but we plan to augment this with an in-depth magazine and a peer-reviewed research publication.

  • Consider Sponsorship! We are not yet accepting donations, but if you want to provide financial or sponsorship support, we would love to hear from you.

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