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White Paper: Strengthening Japan by Expanding Bank Account Access to All Foreign Residents

July 2024 • Tim Odagiri

This white paper discusses the current practice of Japanese banks withholding accounts from foreign residents. After reviewing the relevant laws and ministerial statements behind this rule, the report offers recommendations to government agencies and financial institutions about how best to eliminate this counterproductive standard.


Book: Into Japan

September 2023 • Tim Odagiri

Nihon Plus You is pleased to announce the publication of Into Japan: A Starter Kit for Understanding Japanese Society. Released in September 2023 by Owani Press, this concise introduction to Japan and its systems was penned by Tim Odagiri, the director of Nihon Plus You. You can purchase paperback or e-book editions from major online booksellers. For more information, visit the book’s page on the Owani Press web site.

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Speech: Japan Benefits from Basic Foreign Language Support

September 2023 • Tim Odagiri

This essay is translated from a Japanese speech given by Tim Odagiri on August 12, 2023, to the Association for the Improvement of English in Japan.

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